About the Course

Liftoff Overview

Liftoff is a four week course with a new theme each week. Students write and publish three articles while attending live sessions, workshops, Writing and Feedback Gyms. Your trajectory will look something like this:

Choose between attending sessions on either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday (or both if you have the time). All sessions meet in the evenings, Eastern Time.

Total weekly commitment is 2–3 hours. 

Write and publish three articles over the course of November 29 to December 21.


Now – November 18, 2022
(for Winter 2022 Beta Program)

Winter 2022 – Spring 2023
(for Spring 2023 Cohort)

Build Week

Accepted students will set-up website and info-capture system.
You’ll be able to begin your introduction into the Liftoff and Write of Passage space and meet a few instructors and mentors!

Liftoff Begins!

November 29, 2022
Week 1: POP Writing
Week 2: Compression and Feedback
Week 3: Personal Monopoly and Overcoming Perfectionism
Week 4: Serendipity

Liftoff teaches key skills

It’s more than a writing course, it’s an experience.

Writing your best
Building confidence in communication
Expanding your circle
Building a brand

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